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Edelbrock Performer IAS Shocks Suspension & Steering Components : Shock Absorbers
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Edelbrock Performer IAS Shocks
Weight: 8.0

Mazda Ford Ranger Edelbrock Performer Ias Shocks

1998 - 2006 Mazda Truck Or Ford Ranger 4wd Rear Edelbrock Performer Ias Shock - No Lift

Part No: 34212
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$99.93  EA
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$49.95  EA
Special Notes

Edelbrock IAS shocks deliver incredibly responsive handling around tight turns and dramatically reduce body roll for a comfortable ride with outstanding vehicle control. Manufactured by Edelbrock in the USA, these are the only automotive shocks that incorporate the patented Ricor Inertia Active System. This unique valve design senses changes in terrain and adjusts instantly for a better ride than you ever thought possible.

Now available for a wide variety of trucks and SUVs, there are several styles of Edelbrock shocks with the Inertia Active Systems (IAS). Choose the one that fits your needs? Xtreme Travel Remote Reservoir shocks deliver extra travel and have more oil capacity for demanding off-road conditions. The zinc-plated finish and 5/8" rod are extremely durable for lifted trucks and SUVs. Xtreme IAS shocks are for lifted trucks and SUVs with the same durable zinc-plated finish and 5/8" rod as our Xtreme Travel Remote Reservoir shocks. For a wide variety of cars, trucks and SUVs, Performer IAS were the first shocks to include the Inertia Active System. They have a distinctive red powder-coated finish. Available for AMC, Ford, GM and Mopar muscle cars.

MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
FordRangerL42.51998 - 2001GAS0FI
FordRangerV63.01998 - 2006GAS0FI
FordRangerV64.01998 - 2006GAS0FI
FordRangerL42.32001 - 2006GAS0FI
MazdaB2300L42.51998 - 2000GAS0FI
MazdaB2300L42.32001 - 2006GAS0FI
MazdaB2300L42.32002 - 2006GAS2300FI
MazdaB2500L42.51998 - 2001GAS0FI
MazdaB2500L42.51998 - 2001GAS2492FI
MazdaB3000V6 3.01998 - 2006GAS0FI
MazdaB4000V6 4.01998 - 2006GAS0FI

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