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76-06 Jeep Cj & Wrangler Rampagefull Jeep Cover Jeep Soft Goods & Soft Tops : Jeep Covers
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76-06 Jeep Cj & Wrangler Rampagefull Jeep Cover
Weight: 10.0

76-06 Jeep Cj & Wrangler Rampagefull Jeep Cover

When It Comes To Protection, Rampage Has You Covered. This Breathable Cover Repels Water, But Won't Trap Moisture As It Protects Your Vehicle From The Sun, Dirt, Droppings And Other Airborne Pollutants That Harm The Paint. Great Indoors And Out!

Part No: 1201
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$59.97  EA
Special Notes


  • Fits 1976-2006 Jeep CJ & Wrangler
  • Soft and Durable backing pampers your vehicle's paint finish and protects it from sun, dirt, dust, moisture and pollutants
  • Unique diamond bond pattern allows air and humidity to escape preventing paint deterioration from trapped air and moisture. The non-woven fibers are naturally water resistant and will shed water under normal conditions - in extended rainstorms even the best fabrics will absorb varying amounts of moisture but the Rampage 3-layer cover dries easily as it allows air to circulate through the fibers
  • Ultaviolet protection against sun and heat build up
  • Polypropelene center layers are naturally water repellant
  • Features double stiched elastic hem in front and rear to secure under bumpers
  • Side Grommets for tie downs or security cable lock
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - Includes FREE Lock and Cable
  • EXCLUSIVE FEATURE - Includes FREE Storage Bag


MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
JeepCJ5L63.81976 - 1978GAS0CARB
JeepCJ5V85.01976 - 1981GAS0CARB
JeepCJ5L64.21976 - 1983GAS0CARB
JeepCJ5L42.51980 - 1983GAS0CARB
JeepCJ7L63.81976 - 1978GAS0CARB
JeepCJ7V85.01976 - 1981GAS0CARB
JeepCJ7L64.21976 - 1986GAS0CARB
JeepCJ7L42.51980 - 1983GAS0CARB
JeepCJ7L42.51983 - 1986GAS0CARB
JeepWranglerL64.21987 - 1990GAS0CARB
JeepWranglerL42.51987 - 1993GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.51987 - 1993GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL64.01991 - 1993GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.51994 - 1995GAS150FI
JeepWranglerL64.01994 - 1995GAS242FI
JeepWranglerL64.01998 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.51998 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWranglerL42.52000 - 2001GAS0FI
JeepWrangler RubiconL64.02003 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.21988 - 1990GAS0CARB
JeepWrangler SaharaL42.51988 - 1991GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.01991 - 1995GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.01997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SaharaL64.02002 - 2004GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL64.01994 - 1995GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.51995GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.51997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.52002GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SEL42.42003 - 2006GAS FI
JeepWrangler SEL64.02006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SportL42.51987 - 1988GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SportL64.21987 - 1988GAS0CARB
JeepWrangler SportL64.01997GAS0FI
JeepWrangler SportL64.02002 - 2006GAS0FI
JeepWrangler XL64.02002 - 2006GAS0FI

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